Help me choose the speakers for the receiver?.

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This is my first post and the first hi-fi experience.

Until now, I had a small Sony FH-B5CD turret. It is old and it plays.

A few days ago I got a new Pioneer VSX-322 receiver from my brother. And here comes the problem, because I do not know what columns to choose. The equipment will mainly be used to operate the computer in stereo for music (rock, metal and what will fly on the radio). A tiny room, 10.5m2 (the charms of living in a block of flats). I know that multi-channel receivers are not very suitable for listening in stereo, but this pioneer has STEREO mode in its settings, so maybe it won't be that bad?

As I wrote, 10.5m2 room and limited space for columns. The height of the column is a maximum of 35-36cm. Pioneer has a 100W output on a 16 Ohm channel. I will add that I adjust the volume with the mouse from the computer level and the level in the tower is set at 40-45% of the scale. So I am asking for help in choosing the speakers that will withstand this amplifier.




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