6 tips for the design of scientific research work (R&D) in accordance with GOST + examples

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Like any student work, it is important to draw up a research paper according to strict rules:

  1. After writing, check the paper for stylistic, grammatical, or spelling errors. The main part should not exceed 30-35 pages in length. The text should be typed with one and a half spacing in 14 font. Pages should be numbered in Arabic numerals in the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Used graphs, diagrams, schemes, tables should be used in the course of the presentation of the material. It is better to place additional information in applications. All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals within the section.

  3. The style of references to sources throughout the work should be the same. When using direct quotes, they should be enclosed in quotation marks.

  4. When filling out the title page, the name of the organization for which the research is being carried out is indicated on top. In the center of the sheet, the name of the research work, its type (term paper, diploma, etc.) is indicated. Slightly lower on the right, write the name of the student, as well as the scientific advisor, his position. At the very bottom, the city and the year of work are put down. In general, before writing a research paper, be sure to look through examples of finished works or ask your supervisor for a sample of previous years.

  5. Applications start on a new sheet. The word "application" is written in the upper right corner. Each such sheet should have its own title.

  6. The bibliographic list should be arranged in alphabetical order of the authors' surnames.

These are all the rules for the design of students' research work, which are important to keep in mind. And in order to master them better, study our examples of R&D design in accordance with GOST:

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