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  1. thanks my issue has been fixed.
  2. Hello, I have a RX-V475T, NS-50 / NS-P60 set. I'm thinking about choosing a subwoofer for this. What would you recommend. Let's say up to 1000-1200 PLN maximum. The room is a 35m2 living room thanks iosman
  3. Thanks my issue has been fixed.
  4. Hello, Witam, jak w temacie chciałbym kupić kolumny w zestawie 5.0. Mają służyć do oglądanie telewizji,filmów. Słuchania muzyki : POP, ROCK oraz radia. Kwota do 1000 zl. thanks iosman
  5. Hello, I have a question, is there sense and possibility to strengthen hk avr365? and what stereo speakers are best for it? I have a room 35 m, 2 and I like crazy sometimes. I now have columns magnate 91db 170w 8 ohm but that's not much help. thanks iosman