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  1. Hello, I'll get straight to the point. I am looking for help choosing columns for the living room. They will be connected to Onkyo TX-SR 706. I currently have two columns wharfedale zaldek s2000. I want to sell them and buy a new 5.0 set or on a good day 2.0 with the option of buying later central and surround. Intended use is DVD home cinema and bluray. The music I listen to is trance, dance and so-called trailer music, so a lot of instruments. I want to place the speakers as close to the wall as possible, so it seems to me that the bass reflex on the back of the loudspeaker falls off, so it's a matter of guessing. thanks iosman
  2. thanks my issue has been fixed.
  3. Hello, This is my first post and the first hi-fi experience. Until now, I had a small Sony FH-B5CD turret. It is old and it plays. A few days ago I got a new Pioneer VSX-322 receiver from my brother. And here comes the problem, because I do not know what columns to choose. The equipment will mainly be used to operate the computer in stereo for music (rock, metal and what will fly on the radio). A tiny room, 10.5m2 (the charms of living in a block of flats). I know that multi-channel receivers are not very suitable for listening in stereo, but this pioneer has STEREO mode in its settings, so maybe it won't be that bad? As I wrote, 10.5m2 room and limited space for columns. The height of the column is a maximum of 35-36cm. Pioneer has a 100W output on a 16 Ohm channel. I will add that I adjust the volume with the mouse from the computer level and the level in the tower is set at 40-45% of the scale. So I am asking for help in choosing the speakers that will withstand this amplifier. thanks iosman
  4. thanks my issue has been fixed.
  5. Hello, I have a RX-V475T, NS-50 / NS-P60 set. I'm thinking about choosing a subwoofer for this. What would you recommend. Let's say up to 1000-1200 PLN maximum. The room is a 35m2 living room thanks iosman
  6. Thanks my issue has been fixed.
  7. Hello, Witam, jak w temacie chciałbym kupić kolumny w zestawie 5.0. Mają służyć do oglądanie telewizji,filmów. Słuchania muzyki : POP, ROCK oraz radia. Kwota do 1000 zl. thanks iosman
  8. Hello, I have a question, is there sense and possibility to strengthen hk avr365? and what stereo speakers are best for it? I have a room 35 m, 2 and I like crazy sometimes. I now have columns magnate 91db 170w 8 ohm but that's not much help. thanks iosman